My interest in handmade wood fired pottery began with a visit to Safi on the Atlantic coast of Morocco in 1986. The beautiful detailed decoration, the depth of the glazes, the intensity and rustic nature of the firing all made a deep impression on me. I came home with a van full of vases, plates and bowls and started a small import business 


I studied the pots in museum collections, took throwing classes at evening school in Oxford with Neal Tregear and started going to ceramics shows, meeting potters and learning about their work.


I wanted to build a wood fired bottle kiln, a smaller version of ones I had seen in Safi. I began making pottery in my own workshop and building experimental wood fired kilns with the help of my friend Dylan Bowen in the 1990’s.


I have a small wood fired bottle kiln in Oxford where some work is fired. Firing at Bampton is in electric kilns at present.